Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer 24Karat Rose

Hello lovelies!

Today I have my first thermal polish to show you. This was a quick swatch and I learned right away that it is very important to love both the hot and cold spectrum of a thermal otherwise you will be disappointed!

Liquid Sky Lacquer 24Karat Rose is described as:

a thermal changer that when cold is a bright pink with gold shimmer, and when warm is gold 

Shown is 2 coats of 24Karat Rose over Duri Rejuvacote, no top coat. As I was putting the polish on I immediately knew it wasn't going to work out for me. In the bottle the shade is such a gorgeous pink with gold shimmer. As soon as I started to apply it turned to the sheer champagne gold. While this is a beautiful shade, it just does not suite my skin tone whatsoever. I had hoped the bottle (cold) shade is what would be predominant but apparently even my cold hands are indeed warmer than I thought so the gold took over. So this is another that had to go to my rehome pile and now I am on a search for a nail polish that looks like what you see in my 3rd photo! :)

I still have a couple of other Liquid Sky Lacquers that I am super excited to try! And even though this one didn't work for me I have seen some other ladies pull it off beautifully!


Brittany Raquel


  1. I've been eying this polish for a while only because I don't have any thermals and the concept seems really cool to me. However, I'm not the biggest fan of the gold color either. It's still pretty but not for me.

    1. The thermal effect is pretty cool! I have tried another one since this post which I will share eventually. It does make me wish I had long nails to give more of an ombre effect!