Thursday, February 6, 2014

CrowsToes One Trick Pony

Hello lovelies!

I am a bit behind on posting! I forgot what it's like to have a job, not as much free time as usual, haha! Funny thing is I have actually been painting my nails more but just don't have as much time to be able to post. Thinking it's about time I do the Instagram thing and post my manis that way! I don't know though, I really do enjoy blogging!

Anyways today I have a beautiful holo to show you from CrowsToes! One Trick Pony is described as:

A purple/green multi chrome holo

Shown is 2 coats of One Trick Pony over Duri Rejuvacote and topped with HK Girl. Application was great!  The holo is super strong and I was so happy to actually have some sunshine to take pictures in! The green didn't show up in my photos and it wasn't very visible even in person but it was there. A beautiful polish but it did end up in my swap/sell pile. It looks great in pictures but was actually too cool toned in person and made my skin look weird. Like dirty or something. Oh well, I can't keep them all! And even though it didn't suit my skin tone I know it will be a great addition to someone's collection! :)


Brittany Raquel


  1. This is gorgeous! I actually saw that it was in your blog sale and I was almost tempted to get it. It's definitely a beauty.

    1. It really is! I need to be better at looking up swatches and trying to find them shown with a skin tone similar to mine! Too many polishes I end up having to get rid of because they just aren't flattering.