Thursday, March 27, 2014

First Haul of 2014

Hello lovelies!

So I had intended so share this haul post like a month ago but I have been so busy! Working again has been awesome and I have also rediscovered my passion for reading so that has taken away from my actual blogging. I still paint my nails regularly though and am taking photos so I will continue to post when I can. :)

I did a really good job not buying any polishes at the end of 2013 but made up for it in January and February. Let's take a look at what I added to the stash!

First look!

Enchanted Polish had a restock in November and I actually was able to snag all the colors but ended up only keeping Dime Piece and October 2013. I also took part in the preorder for January 2014 and am very  happy with the mystery color!

A couple more Takkos for my collection from Llarowe! I had bought a few others but actually ended up getting rid of them too. As a matter of fact Kaleidoscope Eyes has also been rehomed since I took this pic. But I do still have Spirited Away and love it! 

My Colors by Llarowe collection is getting pretty big! The first one in the older bottle is Her Eyes Shined which was actually gifted to me in an ornament swap! Such a pretty color! I also got the Seahawks Duo that was offered for the Superbowl, the colors are Legion of Boom and Seahawks Lime (which I showed you here) and finally Good Golly Miss Molly was also a must have.

I had quite a few Scofflaw polishes already but these were the first order that I placed directly from Finch! I fell in love with these as soon as I saw swatches and placed my preorder immediately! Here is Happy Little Tree, Drop Dead Fred, I am the Narwhal and Wraith Pinned to the Mist.

My first polishes and order from Liquid Sky Lacquer! Here is Margaritaville and Black Opal.

I had to have these colors from Smitten Polish! Here is Electric Lime and A Wedding Dress That Isn't Bright Turquoise.

I recently discovered the stockist Color 4 Nails and was excited to see a bunch of Glam Polish colors on sale! Here is Fraggle Rock, Freak Show and Twister.

I bought these in 2 different orders from Pahlish. Here is Forest of the Dead and Blood of the Mountain. 

I love the first collection of flakies that Finger Paints released so as soon as I found out about these new ones I called my Sally's Beauty Supply and had them hold a set for me! That same night my wonderful fiance actually surprised me and brought them home for me! Love her! :) Here is Abstract Abstraction, Colorful Dream, Psychedelic Hue, Symmetrical Symphony and Vivid Reflection.

I had wanted these texture polishes from China Glaze when they were first released but never ended up buying them so when I saw them on a blog sale for a good price I scooped em up! Here is Of Course, Itty Bitty & Gritty and In The Rough.

A few randoms: ILNP A Fresh Evergreen (shown here) was another gift from my ornament swap and then I got Femme Fatale Pools of Vision and Alanna Renee Reptar from Color 4 Nails.

These 4 were a surprise from one of the girls in my birthday group! Here is A England Encore Margot, Pomegranate Enchanted Lagoon, Essie Come Here and KBShimmer Grape To Meet You.

And a few more randoms! Drunk In Public is my first Wicked Polish and one that I searched out and found someone willing to sell it to me, love it so much! Different Dimension Mistle-Toad had been calling my name for a while so I finally bought it! Models Own Balearic Cool came from Llarowe. Color Club Twiggie (LOVE!) and Ruby Wing Green Peace both came from a blog sale. 

Final group shot!

So I do have to admit that I already have another haul pile ready to be photographed and posted! It will probably be a while before I actually do that but I am super excited to share them with you! I currently do not have any other nail polishes on their way to me! It feels so weird! I'm sure I will come across something that I "must" have soon enough though! ;)


Brittany Raquel


  1. What a great haul! You have a lot of pretties. I totally want to get my hands on Scofflaw Varnish Wraith Pinned To The Mist one day. I just love the swatches I've been seeing. I really need to do a haul post soon. I haven't done one in the longest time.

    1. I love all my Scofflaws and Wraith is definitely a stand out! I would love to see a haul post! They are some of my favorite posts from other bloggers even though it usually causes me to add more to my wishlist! :)