Friday, February 14, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Seahawks Lime

Hello lovelies!

So I am super late on this post but still wanted to share my Superbowl nails! Since I was born and raised in Washington it only made sense for me to root for the Seattle Seahawks, even if I am not a huge football fan! I will admit I did follow the team quite a bit this season though and was definitely very excited for them to finally win a Championship!

I took these photos a couple of days after I polished so I apologize for the chips and also the lack of good photos! I almost didn't post this at all but I felt like I should still share! Yes, it is another Colors by Llarowe polish! Of course I had to have it since it is for my home team! There is another polish in the duo called Legion of Boom which is also gorgeous and will have it's own post eventually! Seahawks Lime is described as:

a bright lime green intense holographic

Shown is 2 coats of Seahawks Lime over Duri Rejuvacote and topped with HK Girl. I was actually really surprised that 2 coats was necessary! I always do 2 but have found that most CbL polishes are opaque in 1. This was an exception! No big deal though since I would have done 2 anyways! This wasn't quite the Seahawks' lime green in my opinion but it is still a gorgeous green holo and I am happy to have it in my collection!


Brittany Raquel


  1. I really like this shade of green! It's gorgeous. I was happy to see the Seahawks win, even though I don't follow football that much either. They kicked butt!

    1. It's definitely a fun color! And yes the Seahawks kicked some major booty! I wish the game would have been a little more competitive but it was still exciting!