Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Latest Additions To The Stash!

Hello lovelies!

It's that time again! Yup, I have another haul post! I'm sure you're not surprised! ;)

There is some great stuff hiding in the middle of this pile!

First up I have the OPI Shrek Forever After Collection! I have had my eye on a few of these for quite a while and my girlfriend surprised me and ordered me the whole set! They are Funky Dunkey, Ogre-The-Top Blue, Who The Shrek Are You?, Fiercely Fiona, What's With The Cattitude? and Rumple's Wiggin'.

These were also purchased for me by my girlfriend! She got me the full OPI Amazing Spiderman Collection but these are the only ones I ended up keeping: Just Spotted The Lizard, Call Me Gwen-Ever and My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I Love Nail Polish had an amazing $3 clearance to clear out some polishes that had an older, stinky base. I had no problem with the base and was ok not having the boxes so I went all out! Here is I Love Matte, All Gold Everything, So Ghoul, Bad Mogwai, Old Gregg, She Surfs and Emerald Dew Drops.

Here is the last of my 3 orders from Enchanted Polish! The first one, Freeze Machine, I got in a swap! The others are March 2013, Awesomeness, Congratulations and Time To Pretend! I had also received Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds but immediately sold it as it just wasn't me.

Growing my Elevation Polish collection! Huangshan, Haba Xueshan, Jengish Chokusu, Muztagh Ata and Mount Cangyan.

I was so excited to get the colors I wanted from the Naild' It restock on Llarowe! Here is Starburt, Merry Row Round, Sir Round Sound and Lego No Way Yo.

I finally placed an order with Aly's Dream Polish during her Mother's Day sale! Here is Who Sencha?, Tiffanytea and Browncoats. Love these holos so much!

Another new brand for me! NailNation 3000 was having a sale so I couldn't pass these up! The mini was included for free! Limelight, Glow Worm and Replay.

And yet another new brand for me! If you didn't notice, I have a hard time just ordering one when I try a new brand! I like to get at least 2 so the other one isn't lonely! Lol. These are both from Lyn B Designs! I was so excited about these as they are from her Dr. Suess collection! I have the same birthday as Dr. Suess so these were a no brainer! Oobleck and Wearing Foxy Socks.

Here are a bunch of randoms from swaps and blog sales! Catrice Princess For A Day, bondi Lady Liberty, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Candeo Plumage and Pahlish Sullen Girl.

A few more randoms purchased from Llarowe. Different Dimension Tubular, Hare Polish Electric Flame and Girly Bits Face The Music.

Almost forgot about these! From Ninja Polish I got Barry M Ridley Road and from All That Glitters I got Kokomo (I wish I would have picked 1 more because this is the only ATG in my collection!)

Final mandatory group shot!

Are there any polishes that you were super excited to add to your stash recently?


Brittany Raquel

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