Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black Cat Lacquer Sanitation Twins, Otherwise Known As My Most Favorite Glitter EVER!

Hello lovelies!

I am so excited about this glitter, it's ridiculous! Out of the 1200+ polishes I have ever owned (currently weeded down to about 800-900) this is the first one that I truly think I need a back up of!

I showed you Zoya Darcy yesterday, and while it was beautiful on it's own it was also a perfect base for this beautiful mess of glitter that is Black Cat Lacquer Sanitation Twins! ST is from the Welcome To Portlandia collection. I love the reference to Portlandia! Here is the description:

"We're here to tell you all about the new recycling bins! Cardboard & newspaper, blue! Plastic & aluminum, black! Yard waste, YELLER! Coffee cup sleeves, orange! Stir sticks, brown! Cups, periwinkle! Lids, fuchsia! Lipstick lids, rose! Broken umbrellas & broken hearts, canary! Lotion, chartreuse! Lotion bottles, green! Fingernails & eggshells, cobalt! This polish has it all!"

It truly does have it all! On to the photos!

Love it! This is backup worthy for me not only because the amazing mix of glitters but also the glitter payout was amazing and so easy to apply! You are looking at 1 coat! I even had to wipe glitter off the brush! I am an instant fan of Black Cat Lacquer and can't wait to show you more!
Brittany Raquel


  1. Ugh that is a gorgeous glitter. I didn't realize I like bar glitter so much!

    1. Me either! I like it when it is mixed in like this though!