Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Haulin'!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all having a great week so far! I have a pretty exciting haul post for you today, I was able to squash some major lemmings! Check it out!

Everything together! 

 First up. . .RBL Aqua Lily! This has been on the top of my list forever! So happy to win this at a decent price in an auction!

 Another huge lemming of mine! Enchanted Polish Britney Spearmint! I was able to swap with a friend to score this one!

 I finally broke down and bought my Picture Polish colors! These were purchased from Overall Beauty. This was my first order from Kim and I was super happy with the overall transaction! Here is Honey Dew and Tiffany, both beautiful colors and in my opinion different enough to justify owning both!

 Here are my picks from A-England's new Burne-Jones Dream collection: Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince. Both purchased from Ninja Polish.

 A couple more from Ninja Polish! I love the Ninja Polish brand, never disappoints! Here is Shillelagh and Pinkerbell Floam.

 I have had my eye on a few colors from Smitten Polish, and when these were released I couldn't pass them up! Here is Sunken Galleon and The Ghost of Jupiter, both purchased from Llarowe.

 I was so excited that Leah Ann from Llarowe launched her own brand: Colors by llarowe! I was able to snag these from her launch: P38, P51 and Gizmo!

 I love Scofflaw's new summer colors! I was able to get all 3 that I wanted when Finch launched them on her Etsy store: Paranoid Android, Electric Salamander and Wyld Stallyns.

 These were also purchased from Overall Beauty, and were a great deal on sale for only $5 each! Here is Franken Bride, Rockin' My Grammy Panties and Crotch Rocket.

 My first Femme Fatale Colors! Sparkleshell and Veil of The Siren were both from a blog sale and the mini Glinting Lodestone was sent to me as an extra in a swap!

 Have I mentioned how much I love Naild' It? Definitely one of my favorite indies! I was able to get the first 3 colors on Etsy: Give Hope, Yellow Belly and Peacock Squawk. Finally from Llarowe I got Dragon Scales!  

 Here is a brand that I have been dying to try! Black Cat Lacquer! The first 4 came directly from their website: Punk Rock Girl, Sanitation Twins, The Dream of the 90's Is Alive and We Can Pickle That. I also got We Own The Sky in a swap!

 A couple of random polishes, CrowsToes Thing from Overall Beauty and Barry M Green Berry from their Gelly collection purchased from Ninja Polish.

 These are all blog sale purchases: Orly Coachella Dweller, Happy Hands Afternoon Thunderstorms and Catrice Squeeze Me.

 And a few more! KBShimmer Proud Peacock, Girly Bits Wet Bikini (swap), Darling Diva 51 Shades of HELL No and Julep Denver.

Final group shot!
There you have it! I will another haul post all too soon! ;)
Brittany Raquel

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  1. One of the most AHHHMAZING nail hails EVER!!! You have great taste!