Monday, June 10, 2013

My Girlfriend Paints My Nails: Girly Bits Face The Music

Hello lovelies!

I have the first post of a hopefully ongoing theme! One of the perks of dating a girl is how much she supports my nail polish habit! When we first moved in together I still had all my polish hidden in my helmers. I admitted my obsession early on but I don't think she realized how bad it was! I talked about how I wanted to put them all back on the walls again in wall racks and she surprised me with 3 more racks so I would have room for them all! She also looks for polish for me all the time, love her! Anyways, recently she offered to paint my nails for me! It was so funny that she had offered to do it and then I remembered she is a beauty school drop out and actually has some experience with manis and pedis so I happily obliged!

The nail polish we chose was Girly Bits Face The Music! I instantly fell in love with this polish as soon as I saw swatch pics. I love the neon green with the black and even love the scattered stars! Unfortunately no stars made it on to my nails. . .my gf is not as meticulous as I am when it comes to polishing! This is 2 thin coats. Her clean up isn't quite up to par either but considering it has been nearly 10 years since she did this I was pretty impressed! I will definitely wear this again sometime this summer though and will make sure to get plenty of stars to really show it off! :)

Not too shabby! And it was definitely a nice break letting someone polish for me although it was so difficult for me to let go and just let her do everything! It's a good thing that she doesn't read my blog because she would kill me if she knew I told everyone that she painted my nails for me! The real kicker is that she painted my toes for me the next day! Shhhh! Hehe!


Brittany Raquel