Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review: butter LONDON Squatter

Hello lovelies!
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Are you enjoying my butter LONDON week so far? If you missed them be sure to check out Monday and Tuesday's posts for some more awesomeness!

Today's post is featuring butter LONDON Squatter. You all know I am a sucker for greens and I especially like bright ones like this! Squatter is described as:

A bright, lime green nail lacquer. This crème lacquer goes on smooth and always pleases.

And of course, an explanation of what a squatter is:

The term used for someone who is staying (but not paying!) in a vacated location.

Ready for some photos?!

Shown is 2 coats of Squatter between Julep Nail Therapy base coat and HK Girl topcoat. Application was perfect! So smooth and barely even needed a second coat!

butter LONDON Squatter is the type of green that I love in the spring and summer months. This is bright and looks great with a tan! I especially love how much brighter and almost neon like it is in the sun. So fun!

Squatter is currently "On Holiday" on the bL website but will be back. You can keep an eye out for this one and purchase others here:

And also keep up with everything butter LONDON here:

Oh and also something fun I discovered on the website today is The butter LONDON dictionary! After yesterday's post I was curious what "Dosh" referred to. I love how the dictionary explains it as well as many other British terms!

Dosh | dɒʃ |
Dosh is Brit slang for money or cash. “Can I have a bit of dosh, love? I fancy a kebab.”

Cool, right?! Come back tomorrow to see what else I have in store for you!


Brittany Raquel


  1. This name makes me LOL fo reals. I love the color too :)

    1. lol I always think of squats! And how I really need to do more of them! ;)

  2. Perfect lime! Beautiful and so to say pleasant color!)
    Didn't know what the term "Squatter" was used for, but I am from Ukraine, so it's no wonder.)))

    1. I really love it! :) The term "squatter" is used here in the US too so I was already familiar but the bL dictionary sure cleared up a few other terms for me!