Thursday, August 1, 2013

Haulin' Away!

Hello lovelies!

It's finally time to share another haul! Between you and me...because I got so behind on posting I actually have not just 1, but 2 more haul posts after this one to share with you! Here is what I have today!

Lot's of great polishes in here!
I had my eye on a few different polishes from Liquid Lacquer for quite some time, finally Melissa restocked her shop and I went a little crazy! Here is Let The Music Play, Collide Into You, Twinkle Toes, The Rain Song, No Quarter and Dazed & Confused.

And here is the rest of my Liquid Lacquer order! Pink Swimmingo, Trippin' Balls, 80's Baby, Melt Your Mind, Cherub and Street Symphony. 

I can't get enough of Different Dimension polishes! These all came from Missy's Etsy store: Hey You, Sully, My Highlighter Exploded, Coral Rose and Excelsior. 

Barbra of I Love Nail Polish created some amazing ultra holos recently! I had to grab a few of them as well as a mint blue! Here is Sniffany, Army Surplus, 1st and 15th, Blue Steel and Amanda Hugginkiss. 

It's been a while since I added any Cult Nails polishes to my collection! I bought the first 2 from Beautylish (if you buy 3 Cult Nails polishes you get a Wicked Fast Top Coat Free!) and the Wax That top coat I bought directly from Cult Nails.  

A couple more Picture Polishes to add to my collection! I have wanted both of these for a while!I purchased these from Llarowe. Here is Coral Reef and Jade.

Now for some random polishes! SOPI Havana Dreams has been a huge lemming for a while, I was so happy to find it on blog sale! Finch from Scofflaw sent me a replacement Whiskey Tango Foxtrot since my first one had sinking glitters. Wing Dust Seaweed Salad was purchased from Llarowe and finally I got from Nararsuk from Elevation Polish.

Final group shot!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest additions! What are some colors you have added to your wishlist?
I am excited to finally launch my giveaway tomorrow! Be sure to check in!
Brittany Raquel


  1. I'd love to come over to your house and play with all your new pretties!! LOL You are bad for my willpower!

    1. We would have so much fun! :) I am absolutely an enabler! LOL

  2. Thank you for sharing! Awesome nail polishes!

  3. This haul is kind of EPIC! I love your PP picks - I have yet to try their cremes!

    1. Thanks! PP has some beautiful polishes! Jade is amazing, it appears to just be a creme but it has some great shimmer!

  4. Awesome nail polishes! <3 Kisses from Romania

  5. this is an amazing haul! so jealous :(