Thursday, August 8, 2013

Epic Haul!

Hello lovelies!

Time to share another haul post! I apologize for the not so great pics, I didn't realize how grainy they were until I was editing! A couple of the polishes have been featured on my blog already so I included links from the polish name to the post if you would like to see it! Also most of the links to the store will take you directly to the brand I am talking about! :) (I may be a little bit of an enabler!)

So much epicness!

Still growing my Picture Polish collection! These all came from Llarowe. Here is Blogger, Whimsy, Sunset and Watermelon.

Finally got my hands on some Jade holos! These were also purchased from Llarowe and are so amazing in person!  Here is Psicoldelica, Extasy, Energy and Magia.

And more holos that I have been lemming, also from Llarowe! Here is Harp On It, Angel Kiss, Eternal Beauty and Beyond.

Finally got some more EdMs so my solo one is no longer alone! I got the first one from a blog sale and the other 3 came from Llarowe. Here is Copper Field, Oceanic Forces, Cosmic Forces and Pyrite.

And more Aussies! These Femme Fatale polishes all came from a blog sale! All of these have been high on my wish list for so long! Here is Hydraxia, Winter Hyacinth and A Tiskit, A Tasket.

New indie brand for me! I have been wanting to try Cadillacquer since I first saw swatches so I was super excited when Llarowe launched them! Here is Where The Wild Things Are, Left Behind and Restless.

Another brand I have been dying to try! I got these Cirque polishes from Harlow & Co. Here is XX and Electric Circus.

A couple of Illamasqua colors that I have wanted for a while! I got these in a swap! Here is Collide and Venous.

I picked up these a-englands from Llarowe! Here is Briar Rose and Galahad. I had been waiting forever for Galahad to come back in stock!

I love these colors from Pahlish, I had to snag them while they were on sale on Etsy! Here is Creeping Cabbage and Body Electric.

Random mix of polishes! From Liquid Lacquer I got Ladie Eve. Girly Bits Jindie Goes Indie Came from Llarowe. And from Harlow & Co I got Happy Hands Sandcastles In The Sand and Lacquer Lust Sky's The Limit.

A few more! Ninja Polish Glamorous and Catrice Mint Me Up came from Ninja Polish and Models Own Blooboo came from Llarowe.

All together now!

Do you have any personal favorites? Any requests for what I should wear next? Comment below! :)
Brittany Raquel
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  1. Cirque polishes and the Illamasquas are absolutely marvelous!)

  2. Epic Haul!!! I actually have quite a few of these... I have been epically hauling too. I am actually scared to see my llarowe rewards because I don't really want to know how much i spend there lol

    --Jennifer Dysart

    1. I am so excited for the rewards! I have spent a ridiculous amount but it's pretty awesome to get some of that back! I need the new PP collabs!

  3. This really is epic! Super jealous :)

  4. Great haul *-* I specially like the picture polish, EdMs and femme fatale collections!!

  5. Awesome haul, I'm waiting on an online order I just made this week! Not quite as many, but still excited! And I love your picks.

    1. Oooh fun! I love nail mail! This was from a few different orders, I try to wait until I have a nice little pile before I post them! :) Thanks!

  6. Awesome haul! I love the Picture Polish.

    1. Thanks! I don't know why I waited for so long to buy PP! I can't wait to get the new collabs!

  7. oh my this is an EPIC haul! so jealous...