Thursday, April 12, 2012

Final March Haul!

Yes, I realize we are now almost half way through April! But I have been so scatterbrained the last couple weeks! I just realized I hadn't even posted the rest of what I hauled! There are some pretty epic polishes in here too. . .so I figured they still deserved a post of their own. :)

First up are some Funky Fingers polishes! These are only sold through a store called 5 Below, which unfortunately doesn't exist anywhere remotely close to where I live! I got a few for my birthday but I also had a sweetie from one of my nail polish groups pick a few up for me! (She picked up a few others but they ended up being duplicates so I didn't photograph them.)

 Pop Artist, Rio and Ectoplasmic

Tinsel Town and Sold Out Arena

Purple Glitter Scales and Fuschia Scales

Next up are some beauties that have had mixed reviews! I have to admit I wasn't impressed when I saw the first swatch pics, but the more I saw the more I fell in love! Once I saw them in person I knew I had to have them! China Glaze Prismatics Collection! These are all super glittery with a slight color shift, so full of win! Better yet I was able to get the lady at my local Sally's to pull them out of the back for me (instead of making me wait until April!) so I could use my bday coupon!

Full Spectrum, Prism, Liquid Crystal, Optical Illusion and Ray-diant

Definitely worthy of 2 photos!

Now here is where it really gets good! Regardless of all the drama around this brand, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to get my hands on them! It took weeks but finally I was able to cross these off my Lynnderella wishlist!

Pretty sure you can read the bottles. ;)

And I know you wanted to see more than 1 pic of these babies!

My final purchase of March! I was even more excited about this than I was the Lynn's! I have lemmed for this polish ever since I saw Amy post swatches on her blog! When Ninja Polish opened and they had this stocked, I almost died! I missed out on it the first few restocks but finally snagged it! Nail-Venturous FLOAM!!!
Need I say more?

Pure epicness right?! I have another haul post planned to show you what I have accumulated so far in April, and am just waiting on 2 more gifts to post the other half of my birthday hauls! And a few NOTD posts too! Told you I was backlogged! Someone yell at me if I go more than a day without posting! ;)

Hope you all have a very happy Friday!

Brittany Raquel


  1. epicness indeed. So so jealous!!!! can't wait to see swatches of all the ChG Optical Illusions!

    1. The ChG Prismatics are gorgeous! I hope I will be able to do them justice in pics! :)

  2. so jealous! those are some great items! :]

    1. Definitely my last big haul for a while! Those Lynns put me back a pretty penny!

  3. wow, great one! cant wait to see swatches of the Funky Fingers polishes, love these colors

  4. Teehee! We both got the same colors from the Prismatics! Now if I could only say the same thing about Floam!!! *drools*

    1. I am definitely going to need a backup of Floam! So amazing!! That's funny that we got the same Prismatics! My Sally's did have Polarized but I didn't really want it since I heard there was little to no color flash.