Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Haul Time: Part 1

Hello lovelies!

I figure it's about time to show you what I have accumulated so far this month! To be honest, there was a little more than this sent to me but this is what I ended up keeping for myself! :)

First off is my long awaited order from Pam's Girly Bits! I placed this order at the end of February. . .but I didn't get it until this month. I was definitely a little disappointed at how long it took for them to ship, but I'm just impatient sometimes. Not like I don't have enough untrieds already!

Pretty excited to try all of these!

These are all color shifting top coats!

These next polishes are from some online orders from some great sellers! Hong Kong Girl is becoming my new go to quick dry top coat! It was introduced to me by Jill at Glisten & Glow! Not only does she sell this and other nail polish from brands like OPI and Essie but she also makes customized bath products! Look forward to another post in the future with more info! I also placed orders from Pams & Kin on Etsy and from Ninja Polish!

Hong Kong Girl Fast Dry Topcoat, P&K Sabotage and Jessica Iridescent Eye

Just a small order from Sally Beauty. Picked up some polishes for a birthday gift and grabbed these for myself since they were on sale for $3 each!

 China Glaze Luxe & Lush and Pelican Gray

I got a trio of the new Zoya colors for 50% off and $2 shipping thanks to a Good Morning America promo. I ended up just keeping the one color! The GOSH came from a swap with a girl from Canada (check out her new blog here!), I wish I had access to this brand-the color is great!

Zoya Wednesday and GOSH Forest Floor

I have gotten a few more polishes since taking these photos, but I will save those for another post! :) Any of these in particular that you would like to see first? Let me know!

Hope you all have a great Hump Day!

Brittany Raquel


  1. Ah GOSH, I nearly always forget to check out the stand. It seems, at least in my local stores, that this is the brand that has been left to die a slow death. We have lots of new, exciting brands, popping up in the UK, like LOOK Beauty and their remarkable Nail Pops! Its a shame as its always the same bottles because no one buys them as the stand is a mess....

    1. Too bad, from what I have seen GOSH makes some great colors! I definitely want to add more to my collection! I don't own any yet but the Nail Pops look great too!

  2. Thanks for linking my blog! I'm so glad you like the GOSH! :-) And super jealous of your Girly Bits, btw... (that sounds really odd if you say it out loud! lol)

    1. Happy to do so! Lol I love Girly Bits just for the name! Hehe! :)