Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Haul: Secret Bunny Exchange!

Hello my dears!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Even if you don't celebrate Easter I hope you got to spend the day with those you love most! (Oops! Totally meant to publish this post on Monday!!!)

I have another haul to show you, this one came to me earlier in March but I wanted to wait until Easter time to show you since it was a Secret Bunny exchange! This was another fun swap set up through one of my Facebook groups. About a month before we sent out gifts we found out who the person was we got to shop for, and then the fun started! I loved stalking my person in the group to make sure I put together a gift she would love. And I can tell that my bunny did the same for me! Check it out!

My first look inside! Where to start?! 

 More goodies hiding under the chocolate!

I have fallen in love with this lip butter and lotion! They smell great!  

After hearing great things about this, I was so excited to try it myself! I have found a new favorite for my cuticles! This stuff is amazing!

 More little extras! Aren't the birds so cute?!

I don't live anywhere near a CVS this brand is totally new to me! Here we have Spoiled I'm So Jaded. . .this color is SO me! :)

You know how I love my greens and glitter! Spoiled Show Me The Money  

I swear this is more of a teal in real life! Spoiled Distant Green
 This is such a pretty coral! Spoiled Let's Get Sushi

This one had a bit of a leak when it arrived, but cleaned up nice! Spoiled Toad-ally Amazing

 My first Model's Own polish! Jade Stone

 I have had my eye on this one for a while! So pretty! Catrice Dirty Berry

I knew it would be special when I saw the silver cap! OPI DS Tempation

I am a huge Pink Floyd fan, I have been lemming hard for this one! Deborah Lippmann Dark Side of The Moon 

And here is the grand finale! I am so excited to not only own 1 but 2 of these beauties!! Ludurana Show and Fasinante

 My bunny did such an awesome job! I love how she packed up everything, it was so much fun opening! She definitely paid attention and I love everything she sent me!

 I love the stickers! I had to save them, too cute!

I still feel so spoiled! And I'm still trying to use all my new polishes! This package came at such a great time since I have been restraining myself from buying! It's always fun to have someone else shop for you and surprise you! I feel so lucky to have had such a generous and thoughtful bunny!

I have a couple more posts lined up, trying to play some catch up so expect to see a little more of me the next few days! :)

Brittany Raquel


  1. What wonderful gifts!!!! :D I'm so happy for you! :D

  2. This is such a creative idea! I love how it's packaged too! I definitely want in on it next year! The bottles in the Easter eggs are too cute.

    1. The packaging was half the fun! I seriously took like half an hour to open (and photograph) everything!

  3. Oh, that gift so beautiful! You'll be happy! hahaha