Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Mini Haul: Swaps!

Hi loves!

Now you get to see the polishes I have added to my collection thanks to some swaps! I love how swapping allows me to get new polish without really spending any money, other than the cost to ship. And my unwanted polish also goes to a good home! In some cases it also gives me the opportunity to try brands that I don't have access to!

 Another fun little pile!

I have been so excited for March to get here, just so I could get my hands on this Sinful Colors flakie! A nice gal in one of my Facebook groups sent it to me a long with the OPI. I was too impatient to wait for it to be available at my local Walgreens...
OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It and Green Ocean

I saw the Ludurana on a swap list and was excited to add a few others too! Can you tell I like purples? Almost as much as greens!

 Jade Metal, Supremo, Totally Cool, Wild Orchid

The Nail Files reached out for a swap, I was happy to find these 3 on her trade list! I wasn't immediately drawn to any of the colors from the Electropop Collectoin (except Gaga For Green) but I'm glad I finally picked these up! And the Barielle has been on my wish list!

Falling Star, Gothic Lolita and Aquadelic 

I had an international blogger reach out to me from Germany! This was my first international swap, I knew I wanted the Catrice but the other 2 were a surprise! I am definitely looking forward to more swaps in the future! (You can check out her awesome blog here)

Genius In The Bottle, Glorious Aquarius and Choose Me! 

I swapped for the Zoya from Jill, the lovely owner of Glisten & Glow! (If you love bath and body products or nail polish be sure to check out her site here!) And thanks to another international swap from a rad lady in the UK I got my hands on Fantasy Fire! I may have even got a backup bottle for a future giveaway. . . (;

Tallulah and Fantasy Fire

I'm pretty happy with all of these colors! The only one I decided not to keep is Jade Metal, only because I ended up with a dupe. I plan on doing more swapping vs buying, it saves me money and makes sure that I don't run out of storage space! Have you participated in any good swaps lately?

My 100 follower giveaway ended yesterday, I will be going through the entries this weekend and will announce a winner by Monday at the latest! I will also be posting my 200+ follower giveaway! (Um how am I already almost to 300?! 296?! What?!)

Have a great Saturday!

Brittany Raquel


  1. Oh lots of lovely stuff there, swapping is SO ADDICTIVE!!!

    Hope you are OK.

    Louise :-)

    1. It definitely is! Thanks for your your part in it! :)

  2. @Brittany Raquel Nice swap! I have a QUESTION, I need to send a bottle of polish to germany. I've never sent anything international before. Could you tell me how you packed your swap box, and what you put on the customs form. I'm probably over reacting, but i'm a little freaked out by it. I'd greatly appreciate it if you got this message and answered so that I can get it in the mail and stop sweating it. BTW You are the only person I could find that had swapped with someone in germany it seems. That's why I picked you too bother. :) Thanks

    1. Hey! Sorry for my delayed response! When I ship international I always put that I am sending cosmetics and keep the value under $20. I always wrap each polish in bubble wrap and will add extra tissue paper if there is alot of extra room in the padded envelope. Hope this info helps! Good luck! :)

      ps-it did take nearly a month for the package to arrive in Germany although I received mine much sooner!