Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Haul: Birthday Nail Mail Part 1!

Hello loves!

I have something pretty fun to show you tonight! Myself and 11 other nail polish lovers created a birthday exchange group on Facebook. We each have our own month, and when it is your month each girl sends you a birthday gift. We just started in March, which just happens to be my birthday month! Although I have not received all my gifts yet, I figured I could split it up into a couple of posts anyways! So here is the first half! Enjoy!

Julep Portia and OPI DS Sapphire (and eos lip balm! Love those!)

Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, Pronto Purple & Lickity Split and Jesse's Girl Confetti (and my first stamping supplies! And did you see those cute magnets?!)

Top Row: Sinful Colors Exotic Green & Orly Green With Envy
Bottom Row (L-R): Funky Fingers Teal Scales, Paparazzi, Flashing Lights and Sold Out Arena
(And of course, chocolate! And a cute bracelet!)

Clockwise from left: Sinful Colors Zeus, Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise, Sinful Colors Island Coral and mini Orly Nailtrition (and more chocolate! Also some makeup samples and an adorable nail file!)

Top: Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos and Mrs. Mint
Middle: Spoiled Lox-y Lady and Shrimp On The Barbie
Bottom: Pet My Peacock and Trust Fund Baby
(and MORE chocolate! And OPI hand lotion!)

So there you have it! There is part of the reason I have limited my actual purchases this month! It's nice having other people spoil me! I am excited to start sending out gifts monthly too, I have already done all my shopping for the April birthday girl!

Do you participate in any nail polish groups or forums? I would love to hear about ones that you like!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Brittany Raquel


  1. I found out this world two weeks ago and well I only know few things about it but I think it's one of the best ideas what are you doing because it's an opportunity to share your passion.
    Btw, Happy birthday (late but I think better later than never)
    If you want you can check my blog and leave me a comment :)
    Have a nice daay <3

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! :) I agree, this is a great way to share my passion! It is so much fun! Thanks for following, I love your blog too! :)

  2. Aw! How cute!! I wanna be in a bday polish group!! =/ I totally was going to harass you about whether you needed a December because at the beginning you said the 11 people in the group... until I realized it was 11 people AND you!! So 12 people! Oh man... I'm such a nerd... =) Hopefully I already gave you some happy bday wishes at some point... but if not ! happy belated bday! And excited for you to get so much fun nail mail!!! =)

    1. It has been so much fun! I still have a couple gifts coming and then I will post the 2nd half. Are you in any nail polish groups on facebook? That's where most of these swaps are set up! Check out Polish Exchange and Zoya Nail Polish Exchange! :)