Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green NOTD Galore!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I was almost caught up, and then this week got pretty busy and I fell behind again! Ugh. But I am going to make it easy and post all of the other green manis I have done so far that have not been posted. A lot of the greens I used were difficult to photograph anyways, so I didn't get tons of pictures of each one to show you separately. And green spam is perfect for today anyways! :) (I apologize in advance for my lack of cropping!)

The first color I have to show you is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. I absolutely fell in love with the formula on this baby! It applied so beautifully and the color is gorgeous! I love these kinds of greens! Normally I would add something to it later to jazz it up, but not with this!

So smooth and shiny!

This is pretty color accurate, just a touch more green in real life

Next up is Cult Nails Always Winning. I was lucky to snag this one in a swap recently! I have to admit though, I was hoping for so much more from this polish! Yes, it is beautiful. But something about the grittiness really turns me off. Next time I will try another layer of topcoat and see if that helps. (I did have to use 3 layers and and there was still a tiny bit of VNL in certain lighting)

I really love this shade of green with the gold glitter! Just wish it wasn't so gritty!

The holo glitter is a nice touch!
And now another green China Glaze! Kiwi Cool-Ada is such a lovely bright neon green. Before top coat it dries matte, which I like but I really think this one looks better with a top coat. My only gripe is how sheer it was. This was 3 coats and there was still visible nail line. I would have liked to leave this one be but that VNL really drives me crazy. So I decided to add a layer of LA Girl Crowd Surfer from the Rock Star collection. I love the green shimmer and flakies in this polish! Once again, it was difficult to photograph how lovely this truly was in person! (lots of pics on this one, could have used it's own post. . .oh well!)

Holy VNL!

 But really such a wonderful color!

This layering definitely helped cover up the VNL!

Trying to capture the flakies, they sure to like to hide!

I see some flakies on those tips!

And finally my current mani! Another Etsy purchase, from windestine. This beauty is called Rainforest. I love the micro glitter that makes up this polish. The base is sheer though so layering is definitely recommended, I used a base coat of Sinful Colors Show Me The Way which was a perfect match. (Sorry for the quick cleanup too!)

Ignore my funny looking index finger 

 See the hint of blue glitter mixed in with the green and gold? Gorgeous!

I plan on repainting my nails in the morning (Yes I am a bit of a night owl, it is after 2!) so my St. Patty's Day mani will be featured in post later this weekend. I also will have some haul posts coming up too! Oh and there is only about 1 more week to enter in my 100 follower giveaway! (And I'm only 5 peeps away from 200!!!)

Hope you all have a great weekend, and have a fun (but safe!) St. Patty's Day!

Brittany Raquel


  1. Weeee! Love all the greens! I'm still in need of CG Four Leaf Clover.

    1. It's definitely a must have! :) Still many more greens to come! I will be more than ready to change it up by April though!

  2. Greens, greens and more greens o.o I love it!
    Love your blog and all of your nail pictures *-* Follow you now <3

    1. Thanks for following, Marie! I definitely love my greens! <3