Thursday, November 28, 2013

Review: Zoya Winter/Holiday 2013 Zenith Collection

Hello lovelies!
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I have my first official Zoya review for you today! I am honored to have this opportunity to be a blogger for Zoya, it was this brand that really started my nail polish addiction!

A couple of things, these are quick and dirty swatches and my cuticles are suffering with this cold weather! Also I have 5 pets in my house, I can't seem to do anything without some sort of animal hair being involved too! Please ignore this and simply focus on the fabulous colors! :)Without further ado, let's check out the Zenith Collection for Winter 2013!

First up is Belinda which is described as:

a full-coverage, cosmic purple metallic

Shown is 2 coats of Belinda over Duri Rejuvacote. (For all photos I used this base coat and did not use top coat) I could have easily gotten away with 1 thick coat but I applied 2 thin layers and the 2nd layer just helped darken it up a bit. This applied wonderfully and needed little cleanup. No pooling at all! There is a somewhat hidden pink and blue shimmer that really adds depth and lends to the metallic (ish) finish. Belinda is gorgeous, so regal!

Next up is Cassedy which is described as:

a full-coverage, celestial pewter metallic

This is 1 coat of Cassedy! That's right, just 1! Application was also a breeze! My only complaint is that it does slightly show brushstrokes. A good top coat might help level that all out. But otherwise I love this! Almost a gunmetal gray and in some lights has a bit of a greenish tint to it. Definitely one of my favorites from this collection!

On to Seraphina which is described as:

a full-coverage, Polaris silver metallic

Shown is 3 coats of Seraphina. I was going to stop at 2 but did a 3rd to cover up the pesky VNL. This applied easily but did pool a bit and the shimmer particles were a major pain for clean up! They got everywhere! A steadier hand is definitely needed a thinner coats would probably help avoid any pooling. Regardless, this color ended up being a surprise favorite for me! Even though they are a pain I love the added shimmer and this is such a gorgeous shade!

Moving on to Payton which is described as:

a full-coverage, galactic cranberry with holographic glitter

Shown is 2 coats of Payton. This had a very jelly like application, which I love! Application was flawless! I love how the jellyness of it allows the glitter to really come through and doesn't dull the holo! Just look at how sparkly it is! I had to include a 3rd pic with it blurred so you can really see the holo! Love this! 

Next is Dream which is described as:

a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic glitter

Shown is 2 coats of Dream. This is Payton's younger sister! Identical application and sparkle! Amazing depth! I think this one ended up being my favorite of them all!

Finally here is Mosheen which is described as:

an astro ice blue topper, great for layering over other hues

Shown is 2 coats of Mosheen over Belinda, my ring finger is 4 coats alone. This is absolutely best used as a layering polish but if you don't mind VNL she does look great on her own! I am not usually a fan of bar glitter but these little mini bars are so fun! The bars did want to stick over the top of my nail but I smoothed down the edges with my finger as I was going and it was no longer an issue. Overall, a gorgeous and unique polish!

Want to purchase some of these babies for your own collection? They retail for $8 each and can be purchased here. Want to see what else Zoya has to offer or maybe just see what they are up to? Then be sure to check them out here:

I hope you all had a great holiday with your loved ones! I'll be back soon with a huge haul post!


Brittany Raquel

*These polishes were provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


  1. I wore Payton for Thanksgiving....Dream soon! I may need to get Belinda... I have scored a ton of Zoya in a couple of their deals, so I have a whole acrylic shelf display for their pretty bottles! :D

    1. I love all the promos that Zoya does! It sure makes it easy to fill a wall rack, I had a full one at one point too! :)

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