Sunday, November 24, 2013

NOTD: piCture pOlish Siren Song

Hello lovelies!

I'm finally back again with a quick NOTD post for you!

As soon as I saw Picture Polish Siren Song I knew that it was a must have for my collection! The tag line says it all: sea foam dreams are made of these. Obviously I needed it! Here is some more info about Siren Song from the piCture pOlish website:

Siren Song was created with Rebecca aka Rebecca Likes Nails  
Inspiration:  An electric guitar with shades of mint and silver within its make up! 
Siren Song is a stunning combination of mint green and silver particles melded together to form a metallic textured shade that just glides on your nail with a totally sparkling finish!

Shown is 2 coats of Siren Song over Duri Rejuvacote and topped with HK Girl topcoat. It applied easily and would have been good with just 1 thick coat but I am a creature of habit and did 2 anyways. :) I love this polish so much and actually had a very special reason for wearing it!

Doesn't it look perfect with my new engagement ring? :) I knew it would be a great match (mint and diamonds, Tiffany got it it right!) to show off my ring to my friends and family for the first time! The silver glitter makes it even more perfect! <3


Brittany Raquel