Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NOTD: Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces

Hello lovelies!

Eeek has it really been a week since I posted last?! Oops! I was happily surprised that my last mani, EP Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth, lasted me all the way until Monday before it had chipped and needed to be removed! I left my nails naked since I needed to bathe my pup (and broke one in the process, ugh!) and finally painted them yesterday!

I have quite a large collection of Emily de Molly polishes but realized I haven't worn any of them! I decided to go with Cosmic Forces since it is a vampy color and felt perfect for the first day of October! Cosmic Forces is described as:

Dark purple/plum jelly with lavender holo dots and hex and pink dot glitter.

I had a very difficult time capturing this, my camera did not want to focus! Here is my attempt!

Shown is 2 coats of Cosmic Forces over Julep Nail Therapy and topped with HK Girl. Application left much to be desired! I did not attempt to get any of the big circle glitters when I did the first coat and I left my bottle upside down for a few minutes before I did the second coat. Unfortunately I still had to fight to get the 2 big circles that you see here! I think in the future I wouldn't even bother with the big glitters, I am learning that I am not a huge fan of the really large circles, I much prefer the smaller ones! Also while I love my purples, this one just didn't do it for me. Vampy colors tend to wash out my skin and this was no exception! Sigh, I can't love em all!

Have you had any polishes that you lusted after but ended up being disappointed once you tried it?


Brittany Raquel

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