Monday, October 14, 2013

First Haul of Fall!

Hello lovelies!

I have missed you! I had a really busy week and didn't have a chance to post! I didn't even have a chance to paint my nails again until today! I have been making some "lifestyle" changes and focusing on working out and eating healthy so that has taken away from my time here. I am not giving up nail polish though but I may only be able to post a couple times a week while I work on my time management and get a good schedule down.

So I know that I mentioned in my last haul post that I didn't intend on having another one for a while. Well I lied. I ended up with some extra nail polish funds and have added quite a few more to my stash! I even have another haul pile already started since I took these pics last week. . .so there will be another haul post very soon! In the meantime check these out!

First look! 

 This pic makes me so happy! Although I didn't like the "Forces"polishes from Emily de Molly, I have fallen in love with the glitters! All of these except for the last one were purchased from Llarowe (on a couple different occasions mind you) and the last one I bought from a blog sale. I have had several of these on my wishlist for so long! Here is Serenity, Stuck on Blue, Ego Friendly, Bo Peep, Soon and Hole in The Sky.

 A few more Aussies! I got these Femme Fatale polishes from Harlow & Co I love the new boxes they come in! Here is Snap Vine, Spring Fling and Lime Crime.
 When the I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chromes were revealed I knew I had to have these 3. I waited though and bought these from 3 different lovely ladies in one of my Facebook groups. Here is Birefringence, Cyngus Loop and Mutagen.
I am quickly becoming obsessed with holos from Colors by Llarowe! I got all of these from a couple sales in one of my Facebook groups. Here is Beat It, Smooth Criminal and  Good Fortune.

 Love seeing more of these added to my collection! I scored the first 2 during the Enchanted Polish restock and the last one I got from a sale in a Facebook group. Here is Queen of The Castle, August 2013 and Wish Me Good Luck.
Some awesome randoms! The first one came from Harlow & Co and the other 3 were from Facebook sales. Here is Picture Polish Lagoon, Lilypad Lacquer Vixens Wear Violet, Indigo Bananas Alcatraz and Smitten Polish Enchanted Forest. 

 A few more randoms! I got Lush Lacquer Freckles from Etsy. Takko Bright Young Things and Essie In The Cab-ana both came from Facebook sales.

I also picked this up from Walmart. I have heard great things and while I love my Julep Nail Therapy my nails do break easily and I have some peeling so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try something new! 

Final group shot!
But wait I forgot some!! Bonus!
 Cherry Culture just had a great sale so I picked up the colors I had wanted from this year's Sunsational collection (I still need Sun of a Peach, it sold out) and a new texture. Here is Bump In The Night, That's Shore Bright, Neon & On & On, Shell-O, Too Yacht To Handle and Highlight of My Summer
Do you already have any of these polishes? Which are your favorites? Any new lemmings?
Brittany Raquel


  1. I want Shell-o and Highlight of my Summer.

    1. Highlight of My Summer was my #1 lemming from the collection!