Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Colors by Laura K.

Hello lovelies!
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I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I had planned on posting this review over the weekend but I ended up with some unexpected plans! I'll post more about that tomorrow! :)

In the meantime I am excited to introduce you to a new indie brand: Colors by Laura K! Laura just launched her site a few days ago and sent me a few of her colors to test and I am happy to share them with you! She was also looking for very specific feedback to help her create the best polishes for her customers. I am doing that part on a 1-5 rating scale and left extra notes if necessary.

A heads up regarding photos. . .I had a very hard time getting good photographs due to the weather not cooperating and one of my bulbs going out. The first two I struggled with the most, luckily the sun came out a bit for the others. All are shown using 2 coats and Julep Nail Therapy base coat and HK Girl top coat. Ready to take a look?

First up is Landshark which is described as: An aqua and silver textured polish in a shimmer base.

  • Color Payoff: 4
  • Ease of Application: 4
  • Dry Time: 5
  • Staining: 5 (as in no staining!)
  • Texture: 4 (until you add topcoat of course!)
I had a really hard time photographing this polish, it is even better in person! I could have used a 3rd coat as the tip of my nail is visible when viewing up close. But I honestly couldn't even tell until I looked at photos. I'm sure Landshark would look great layered too! (This polish made me think of Jenna Marbles and her landshark video. I love Jenna!)

Next polish is Wangernumb which is described as: A brown leaning brick red polish with a subtle holo effect.

  • Color Payoff: 5
  • Ease of Application: 5
  • Dry Time: 4
  • Holo Strength: 2
  • Staining: 4 (barely noticable but there was some slight red near my cuticles)
  • Texture: 3 (this is rating the smoothness since it is not a textured polish. There were lumps in my bottle as you can see on the nail but I believe this is due to a bad mix)
You won't find this polish on Laura's website. But you will find a revamped polish by the name of Numberwang! Wangernumb was gorgeous and appears to be even more so after the revamp! The color brings to mind A England Briar Wood and is a great fall shade!

Moving on to He Took Me To A Leafs Game which is described as: A deep blue holo, with a sprinkling of light blue glitter.

  • Color Payoff: 5
  • Ease of Application: 5
  • Dry Time: 4
  • Holo Strength: 3
  • Staining: 5
  • Texture: 4 (polish was nice and smooth but did have a tiny bit of texture due to the glitters, completely fixed with topcoat though)
This was definitely one of my favorites! I love how the glitter gives it a nice dimension even when the holo isn't visible. He Took Me To A Leafs Game deserves a spot in every blue lover's collection! I was sad to take it off and can't wait to wear again!

The final color I have to show you is The Bucket Of Truth which is described as: An apple green holographic polish.

  • Color Payoff: 5
  • Ease of Application: 5
  • Dry Time: 4
  • Holo Strength: 4
  • Staining: 5 (edit: I now have to give this a 2. I wore it for two days and ended up with really bad staining! Definitely need to use 2 layers of base coat!)
  • Texture: 5 (perfect smoothness!!)
This one was my favorite! I'm sure that's not surprising since it is green! :) The Bucket Of Truth reminds me of Enchanted Polish Gummy Worm. Which I am so excited about because I got rid of my Gummy Worm and wish that I hadn't! This is very close in color but seems to have a better holo effect, win! This is my current mani and I love it!

Colors by Laura K. go for $9.50 a bottle and can be purchased here:
You can also keep up to date on restocks and other happenings here:
To celebrate her launch Laura is offering a 20% off of all orders through the end of September! Use code cblklaunch13. Don't miss your chance to try this great new indie brand!

Also just wanted to send a thank you to Laura! I can't wait to see what else you create for us! :)


Brittany Raquel

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