Saturday, September 21, 2013

End of Summer Haul

Hello lovelies!

I can't believe it is already the last day of summer! It went so fast! I am going to miss my dresses and tank tops but I am so excited for jeans and hoodies weather!

To wrap up summer I figured it was time to share a haul post! Believe it or not it actually took me at least two months to accumulate this haul! I have been trying to cut back on purchasing new polishes so that I can get through my never ending untrieds. I expect this low buy to continue so haul posts will be few and far between for now! Anyways, ready to see what I have added to my stash recently?

Sneak peek!

So much epic right here: Enchanted Polish July 2013, A Little Fishy Told Me, Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth and Seven Nation Army! July 2013 was purchased directly from Enchanted Polish but the other 3 I was lucky to get thanks to some awesome swaps!

These all came from Ed Wyse: OPI Peace Love & OPI, Alcatraz Rocks, Get Your Number and Solitaire!

My Different Dimension collection is getting out of control! ;) Here is Coral Rose (I had to order a new one since I used my first in a swap!), Ocean's Daughter and Black Dahlia! All purchased directly from Different Dimension.

My first Takkos! I have been wanting to try this brand for so long! Here is Strangely Delicious RVMP which I swapped for and Nirvana which I scored directly from Takko!

More Emily de Molly's! Here is Monet's Garden which I got from Llarowe and Harmony from a blog sale!

A couple more Cult's to add to my collection! Here is Mayhem and Riot! Love the names! These came directly from Cult Nails.

A few random purchases from Llarowe. Here is Colors by Llarowe Tank Top and Flip Flops, Picture Polish Electric Dream and my first FNUG: Futuristica!

And a few more randoms from Llarowe! (Um I may have had a ton of rewards points when the new site launched!) Here is Gloss N Sparkle Land of Sunshine, Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise (how did I overlook this one for so long?!) and CrowsToes One Trick Pony!

A couple more! Bondi Teal Magnolia and LEX Cayman Cabana (another new brand for me!) came from a blog sale and Zoya Yara was purchased from Ed Wyse.
Final group shot!
I am very happy with this haul! I love every single polish and was able to cross some major lemmings off my list!
Have you gotten any new polishes that you are really excited about?
Brittany Raquel


  1. I didn't realize this was your blog until I saw a Takko that looked quite familiar :)

    1. My favorite Takko so far! :) Thanks for reading my blog!!