Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Side Saddle & Pure Ice Busted

Happy Tuesday lovelies! (all 159 of you!!!)

I meant to post this yesterday but time got away from me! I have something different on my nails now. . .I will post that either tonight or tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. :) In the meantime I want to share what I had on my nails this weekend!

Much of my stash is untried, instead of looking at my racks and choosing a color that way I have started to use my nail wheels. I have them labeled by number so once I see a swatch I like I can look it up on my notepad and see what color it is. I love this new way of picking colors because I am not focused on the brand but rather the actual color. . .so more of my pretties are getting some love! :)

China Glaze Side Saddle was the swatch that caught my eye. SS is one of those colors that I think is easily overlooked in the bottle. . .I almost didn't buy it! But once it was on my nails I knew it was a keeper!

 Such a beautiful color but. . .

 Look what happens once the sun hits it! So glowy!

Of course it was time to add something else to it the next day! I didn't want to do glitter so I did some swatching of my different special effects top coats and Pure Ice Busted was a perfect match!

 Looks pretty much just purple and pink huh?

 But look at that color shift!

I think I'm in love!

This combination turned out even better than I expected. The color shift was amazing! And both of these are easy to find, inexpensive brands! I also have Pure Ice Heart Breaker and Oh Baby! which are also color shifting top coats. . .I will be giving those a try soon too!

What to you think of this mani? Are they any polishes that you almost wrote off but ended up falling in love with it instead?

I will be back soon, thanks for reading! :)

Brittany Raquel

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