Friday, February 3, 2012

January Haul, Part II

Hello all my lovely followers!
I have a rather long haul post for you tonight! (or this morning, rather) I added quite a few new polishes to my collection in January. You already saw what I got the first half of the month, now here is the rest of it! :)

I got ALOT of nail mail this month. So many promos in January! And once again a few new brands for me too, yay! :)

All the pretties!

Cherry Culture haul. Mostly LA Girl, at $2.50 each I couldn't pass them up! I got a few from the Metal, Rock Star and Disco Brites collections but mostly from the Color Addict collection. I love the gold shimmer that runs through that entire collection! So flattering for my skin! Also a couple more Milani 3D holos and a LA Splash glitter.

L-R (LA Girls first*) Copper Alloy, Antique Gold, Brass, Disorder, Escape, Intoxicate, Urge, Idol, Obsess, Delirious, Punk, Addict, Rockstar, Hi-Res, HD, Jade and Can You Dig It? *This is the Disco Brites in front

This is a combined photo of a few orders from Lean Ann at llarowe. More flakies from HITS and Ludurana! And lots of holo goodness!! I got some of the colors from a-englands The Legends collection and my first Glitter Gal!!

L-R (back row first) Sol, Vento, Flash, Cha Cha Cha, Jazz, Cool, Dreamer, Trendy, Artsy, Chameleon, Ascalon, Dragon, St. George and Lizard Belly

Royal Mail! I ordered these babies directly from a-england in London during their 30% off promo! More holos! And look at that purple! Love!

L-R Tristram, Lady of The Lake and Avalon

I used the rest of my Sephora gift card from my sister to purchase some more SOPIs. I was able to snag a couple of these at only $5 a piece!

L-R Stop Stocking Me, New Year's Redsolution, Don't Be Eggnog-ious, I Found A Pot of Gold and Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild

I also picked up a couple more Illamasqua polishes. I am so in love with this brand! The colors are so rich and beautiful!

 L-R Baptiste, Phallic and Viridian

Maria at Cult Nails is AMAZING! I placed my second order and love the colors even more than I thought I would! (These pictures do no justice!)

 L-R Iconic, In A Trance, Let Me Fly and Mind Control

More Zoya! I got a couple of these from the 2 free just pay shipping promo that Zoya was so kind to offer. I had some spoon credit that I used towards the others. My camera refused to capture the true color of Lo, sorry! I can't believe I put off the other 3 for so long! These are going to be amazing for layering!

 L-R LA Pop, Manhattan Mixer, OC Cooler and Lo

Barielle had a Chinese New Year promo for half off all of their nail polishes! On top of a BOGO half off promo! So instead of paying $8 each it was $4 for the first color and $2 for the second! What a steal! This was a great opportunity for me to try this brand!

 L-R Elated, Elle's Spell, Jess' Champagne Toast and Green Opal

Nail mail from my friend Savannah! This was actually the original package she sent me, but it got stuck in the mail and ended up coming weeks later! What a nice surprise though as we both assumed it was lost in the mail for good! Love that she chose some colors from OPI's Texas collection since she lives in Texas!

 L-R Austin-Tatious Turquoise, Stella, Diana and Don't Mess With OPI

I got a voucher for for $40 worth of product for only $20!! Woo, half off! These are all new brands for me other than the OPI shatter from the Nicki Minaj collection. Love the POP bottles and I almost died when I saw the Megan Miller! How cute is that?! I love how the CND Effects instantly transforms black into something beautiful!

 L-R Aquatic Glitz, Denim Metal, Emerald Shimmer, Caribbean and Super Bass

I picked these up when I was buying some polishes for a swap from Wal-Mart. My camera didn't pick up the duochrome shimmer in Oh Baby but it's there! The Hard Candys have no name, I believe these were released for the holidays. Cute and glittery and only a $1! (Gotta love my reflection in the rings!)

 Oh Baby and Hard Candy minis

SUPER STOKED about these ones! I had heard about ManGlaze before but didn't realize their awesomeness until I saw some posts from Traci at the Trace Face Philes. These go on matte but become a different animal with a top coat! They have this super fine shimmer, almost like tiny holo particles! I love the fun names too!

 L-R Nawsome Sauce and Lesbihonest

I saw this set on a blog during the holidays and it became an instant lemming. But I wasn't about to pay full price for it, let alone the $50+ it was going for on Ebay! So imagine my excitement when it went on sale at Barneys! These are my first Deborah Lippmann polishes. EPIC! I plan on doing a side by side comparison of this and Finger Paints Asylum as they are rumored to be dupes. The only difference I can tell based on the bottle is Asylum has more of a milky vs clear base.

Yes, I am a sucker for packaging! 

Thanks to Ebay for helping me cross a couple more lemmings off my list!

 L-R Indigo Illusion and Zombie Zest

Frankens have been the thing lately and I couldn't help but get sucked in myself! I don't plan on making my own but I am all about supporting those that do! There are some talented ladies selling their goods on Etsy! I placed my first order with Jenna from Lacquistry! I can't believe how awesome this color is! I couldn't wait to get this on my nails!


Just when I thought I was done for January, I hit up a few local drug stores on the last day of the month! I also got my February Julep Maven boxes! (Yes that was plural, I pay for 2) I picked up some of the Jordana glitters at K-Mart; nail wheels, a couple CG and Finger Paints from Sallys; Essie Navigate Her and Precision Q-Tips from Walgreens then I hit the jackpot at Rite Aid. . .they had a bunch of Sally Hansen and Borghese polishes at 75% off! I picked up a couple for myself but also got a bunch for swaps/giveaways. (Sorry I didn't take separate pics of it all, this final haul was unexpected!)

 Bonus haul!

Whew! I am in the process of reorganizing my stash, including weeding out colors to add to my blog sale or to use in swaps! The nail wheels are definitely making it easier with the added benefit of saving my cuticles! :) I have already recieved some AWESOME nail mail for February, I can't wait to share it with you! In the meantime I have a NOTD post coming up and am continuing to work on my blog pages and design! I am open to any and all feedback/suggestions, please feel free to comment!

Happy Friday to you all!

Brittany Raquel