Monday, June 16, 2014

I Love Nail Polish Army Surplus

Hello lovelies!

I hope the month is treating you well! We have been super lucky in the Pacific Northwest, we have had so much sun! The last month has been ridiculous especially since this time of the year generally means lots of rain. We had some rain over the weekend which was actually really nice and the sun appears to be back again, yay!

Anyways I just wanted to pop in real quick and share this awesome polish from I Love Nail Polish! Army Surplus is described as:

an amazing army / forest green colored holographic nail polish. It's like a sparkle grenade went off in here!

Shown is 2 coats of Army Surplus over Duri Rejuvacote and topped with HK Girl. Application was great! The holo in this is not super super strong but definitely still has a visible linear shift. The only downside is that this color seems to have been discontinued! ILNP has a great lineup of holos but I really think this was a unique one that should have stuck around! I am so glad that I got my hands on it while I could!


Brittany Raquel


  1. This color is gorgeous and so unique for a holo!

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