Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: Zoya Spring 2014 Awaken Collection & Monet

Hello lovelies!
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I am super behind on this review but hey it's still Spring, right?! And the Summer collection has not arrived yet so I'm not THAT behind! ;)

I love spring time! Rain showers, leaves returning, flowers blooming, birds chirping, more daylight...it just all makes me so happy! And of course I love Spring nail polish collections! Zoya's Awaken Collection has some beautiful colors that are so perfect for this time of the year, and honestly many of them I would wear all year round! Let's get to the swatches and at the end I will share my attempt at some nail art using these beauties as well! :)

All swatches are shown with 2 coats over Duri Rejuvacote, no top coat.

First up is Dot which is described as:

a full-coverage pink petal cream

Application was perfect! Zoya has such a great cream formula! I actually really like this light shade of pink too, so subtle and girly!

Next we have Cole which is described as:

a full-coverage peach whisper cream

Another perfect Zoya cream! It was hard to capture this shade accurately, it's definitely in between the 2 I captured here. It reminds me so much of orange sherbet! I love it!

Next up is Brooklyn which is described as:

a full-coverage, white-gold shimmer metallic

Application was a bit tricky and even though it has such a lovely molten gold effect I have a hard time with the brushstrokes. I should note that the spots on my pinky and ring were no fault of the polish, I'm pretty sure I had a piece of fuzz that got stuck in the base coat. I really did like this shade of gold on me but I won't wear again due to application.

Next we have Dillon which is described as:

a full-coverage, green mint metallic with a silver shimmer

I'm sure it's no surprise that this was one of my favorites of the bunch! I can never have too many minty greens! Application was great as well even though the shimmery particles were a little more difficult to clean up.

Next is Rebel which is described as:

a full-coverage blue sky metallic with a silver shimmer

Another instant favorite! I have really been loving these sky blue shades lately! Application was also great and not much clean up was needed.

Now for the last of the metallics we have Hudson which is described as:

a full-coverage, purple orchid metallic with a silver shimmer

Another really gorgeous metallic! Same application as the last 2, the 3 of them make a lovely trio!

Zoya also created a Special Effects Topper for Spring, Monet is described as:

a multi-colored, cellophane holographic special effect topper

I wasn't sure how I would feel about it but I actually really love this topper over the creams! It gives it a nice touch without being over the top. It kind of has a princess-y feel to it and I adore it!

Before I go I did promise to share some nail art that I did to test out some of these. I am very much a newbie when it comes to nail art but I had fun with it and do love how well these shades go together!

Next time I will be sure to let my base coat dry completely before using nail vinyls and striping tape! I had never done any sponging or a dotticure before so I had fun playing around with those ideas and am excited to do some more in the future!

Do you have any of the Zoya Awaken Collection or Monet yet? If you would like to own them you can purchase them for $9 each (Monet is $10) here:

And also be sure to check out the following links to keep up with everything Zoya:

What are your thoughts on this collection? Any favorites? Also do you have any nail art tips or tricks for beginners? Let me know in the comments!


Brittany Raquel

*These polishes were provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*


  1. Two days ago, I bought Dot, Cole and Monet. As soon as I can make myself take off my current mani (which I am loving!), I intend to try these cuties out! Thanks for the review and photos.

    1. Great choices! I really love Dot and Cole and Monet looks so great over them both! Thanks for checking out my review! <3