Monday, May 7, 2012

April Haul Numero Dos

Hello loves!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and got through your Monday okay! I finally rounded up the last of my April polish purchases to show you! Enjoy this, as there is likely to be only 1 more small haul post for May before I go on hiatus! I have just a few more posts in the works, but will be officially taking a break in 2 weeks. I don't expect to return to blogging or Facebook for at least a couple of months but I do promise to return! But enough about that for now, on to some pretty polishes! :)

Here are a couple of polishes I picked up during the $5 Cult Nails sale. The one in the middle is limited edition so was full price but worth every penny.

Scandalous, Seduction and Manipulative

I was saving a voucher for, waiting for the new Zoya Beach & Surf collections to arrive. Finally I was able to use it! I bought these as well as Zuza and a POP Beauty polish for my sister.

Meg, Carly, Lara and Arizona

I also bought a couple directly from Zoya since I had some Share The Love Points.
Zuza and Myrta

I ordered some polishes from cherryculture to send to my UK polish buddy and picked these ones up for know, to get to the free shipping limit. ;) I love how these NYX bottles resemble Deborah Lippmann's! Also the formula and colors are pretty great for only $4 each!
Salmon, Jade and Lux Green

My last couple of polishes also came from a combined order for my UK polish friend. I am very excited to try this brand, if you are familiar with Priti NYC nail polish then you will want to try them too! Diamond Cosmetics has a private label division that supplies Priti. But you can buy direct from DC for under $3 a piece! Same colors just different names and slightly different packaging. I will definitely be buying more!

Never So Evergreen and Chainmail Charm (this one is a holo!)

Well that's all for now! I'm pretty proud of myself for cutting back on my polish purchases! However, I did just move my collection into 2 helmers, which means I have plenty more room to grow!

I will be back with a NOTD post soon, in the meantime be sure to enter my 400 follower giveaway!


Brittany Raquel

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  1. oooooh awesome haul!!
    Seduction is in my wish list for a long time now. I think next month I will break and get it!