Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nail Polish Guru 25 Follower Giveaway!

I had promised a NOTD post today but that can wait, it's giveaway time!
First of all I want to say thank you again to the lovely Trace Face Philes for helping me get here! I was hoping for a mere 25 followers so I could have my first giveaway, and here I am on my way to 50! I am so excited to have all of you ladies following me and allowing me to share my love of nail polish with you! Thank you everyone for the kind words and encouragement!
Without further ado, here is what you can win!

LA Colors Color Craze Mini Brights set, Kleancolor in Diamond Green & Purple, Tweezerman Itty Bitty Files and EOS Lip Balm.

Everyone has up to 5 chances to enter. You can earn 1 entry each for following me via GFC, liking my Facebook page and sharing this blog post. I also wanted to come up with a special bonus entry, a way to thank a dear friend of mine who I have to thank for my nail polish addiction.
Laura was a coworker of mine (until she moved) who came to work with a different mani nearly every day. I adored looking at her nails and seeing what color she had on next. This spurred my own interest in nail polish, which fully blossomed when Laura introduced me to Zoya nail polish. The rest is history! I certainly have to her to thank for this fabulous hobby, and since it is her birthday today I would love to help her get more followers on her own blog, The Nail Polish Nerd! So if you follow her blog you will earn 2 bonus entries!
The winner will be announced by February 3rd. I will have another giveaway soon since I am close to 50 followers already! <3
I will be back soon with my NOTD post!
Brittany Raquel
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  1. Awesome giveaway! Congratulations on your followers! : )

  2. Congrats on followers! I just started my nail blog also! Please check it out if you want! sassylacqer@blogspot. Love ur collection!! I have to kind of hide my obsession so my husband doesn't know how much i've spent on polish lol! I had to hide them in my daughter's room...I guess she's my awful is that? Great giveaway too! I'm getting ready to do one too cause I need some followers

    1. So sorry for the late reply Emily! Thanks for following me! I love your blog! I actually started following it last week! I can't wait to see more! <3 Good luck!

    2. Thank you for becoming my first follower! I'm working so hard on my blog. I didn't realize until later that by asking you to visit my blog on your comments was spamming! So sorry! Congrats on your followers! Wish you the best of luck!

  3. Great giveaway! Yay 60+ followers now! Kleancolors are so much fun. I get them when I go to Texas to visit my grandma. I always come back with 10 polishes and she's like, "you don't need these! you have so many! take them back!" but ohhh i doooo need them, haha! At 1.99 I can afford them! :) I don't have Diamond Green or Purple so I'm keeping my fingers crossed :) Thanks much!!

    1. I love Kleancolors! They are great besides the smell! I got a great deal on Amazon for 24 colors for $25!! If you don't win I will have a set posted in a blog sale or to swap. :) Good luck and thanks for following!